Darryn Belieu

Worship Pastor

Darryn has been in full time ministry for nearly 30 years. Having traveled the globe with many world renown ministries he has had the opportunity to train, and receive different ministry gifts according to the giftings of those he ministered with.

Having been in full time worship ministry for so many years, God started branching him out to further his calling in teaching and Pastoral gifts. When asked to take on the Pastoral role of The Secret Place Church, it was a no-brainer, yet it was something he would have absolutely said NO to even just a few years ago!

Darryn’s understanding of the pastoral role is different. Pastoring Gods people doesn’t mean always mean being the teacher/preacher. Rather, Pastoring a congregation is simply leading them corporately into what The Lord is calling them as a congregation, and with an apostolic model church, we have many people who can share in the teaching gifts, and he can simply steer the ship according to what I feel The Lord directing us to do.